Encouraging news for international graduates

Rishi Sunak announced last week that the government plans to attract international talent through the Scale-Up Visa to make it quicker and easier for fast-growing businesses to bring in highly skilled individuals.

The new Scale-Up Visa will launch in spring 2022 to help businesses access talent worldwide. The UK currently benefits from significant international talent- a third of our science Nobel Laureates have been immigrants. Half of our fastest growing companies have a foreign-born founder.

In addition to this is the new Global Talent Network, launching initially in the Bay Area, Boston and Bangalore, which will identify, attract and relocate the best global talent in key science and tech sectors and has the potential to make the UK visa system for international talent the most competitive in the world.

The new Scale-Up Visa is positive news for international graduates. Applicants will need to have passed the language proficiency requirement and have a high skilled job offer from an eligible business in a variety of sectors including academia, science, research and technology, with a salary of at least £33,000.

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