Categories of Immigration Work – Individuals

Points Based System

We can assist with applications under each of the Tiers of the Points Based System for applicants and dependants as follows:


▪ Tier 1 – Investor, Global Talent, Start-up Visa, Innovator, Entrepreneur (extensions only) 

▪ Skilled Worker – General Migrant, Intra-Company Transfer, Minister of Religion or Sportsperson

▪ Health and Care Worker Visa 


▪ Youth Mobility, Graduate, Charity Worker, Creative Worker, Religious Worker

▪ Student visas

Whether you are applying for your first visa or you are seeking to extend your stay in the U.K. we can help to complete the application forms, check supporting documents and prepare representations to the Home Office or relevant Visa Application Centre.

EU, EEA and Commonwealth Citizens


▪ For European Nationals and their family members who are currently in the UK and wish to remain in the UK we can advise regarding applications under the EU Settlement Scheme.


We can also assist with the following applications :

▪ Registration certificates for extended family members of a ‘qualified’ person

▪ Residence permits for an EU/EEA national

▪ Family permits for a non-EU/EEA family member

Family Visas

We are happy to help with the following applications for family visas :

▪ Spouse and civil partner cases

▪ Unmarried partner applications

▪ Dependent relatives

▪ U.K. Ancestry matters.

Visitor Visas

There are several types of visitor visa applications which we are able to assist and advise on. These include :

▪ Standard visitor cases

▪ Visits in order to marry or form a civil partnership

▪ Transit visa applications.

Sole Representative Visas

▪ For people looking to establish and operate a registered branch or wholly owned subsidiary of that overseas business, the branch or subsidiary of which will be concerned with the same type of business activity as the overseas business.

Domestic Worker Visa

▪ We can assist with applications for domestic workers to come to the UK to work for their employer in the UK for no longer than 6 months.

Indefinite Leave to Remain

▪ For people who wish to live permanently in the UK we can help to ensure that all of the relevant requirements are met in the various categories that can lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain; such as UK Ancestry and marriage to a British citizen or EU national.

Nationality and Citizenship Applications

▪ If you wish to apply to naturalise or register as a British citizen we can help to make your application process as clear and comprehensive as possible.

Private life and long residence applications

▪ We are also happy to give basic advice regarding applications for leave to remain in the UK on the grounds of long residence or private life.

Administrative Review

▪ If you have had an application for entry clearance or leave to remain refused by the Home Office we can help with applications for an administrative review of that decision.

Categories of Immigration Work – Companies

▪ Sponsorship licence applications

▪ Certificate of sponsorship applications

▪ SMS management and advice on compliance and Home Office audits


Fees for New Clients

Our Fixed Fees are calculated on the basis of the level of work each client requires:

▪ Assessment Service @ £175-Initial assessment of a client’s matter and options available under the different immigration routes. Includes a 30 minute consultation. 

▪ Advice Service @ £350 – Initial advice and assistance regarding the merits of an individual client’s case. Assessment and guidance regarding the different immigration routes and the best options for each client followed up by detailed written advice. Includes an initial 1 Hour Consultation – Click here for more details and how to pay

▪ Certificate of Sponsorship applications @ £195 – For legal assistance for companies

▪ Sponsor Licence applications @ £1500-For a complete service including advice on the merits of the application and assistance with preparing the application for submission to the Home Office to emailing all relevant documents and detailed cover letter in support to the Home Office. Please note fees will increase to £1700 from April 2023

▪ Sponsor Management service @ £540 per year-For a complete management service after the grant of a Sponsor Licence. Please note fees will increase to £600 per year from April 2023

▪ Sponsor Licence audit service @ £1500-Full assistance with preparation and compliance with audits carried out by the Home Office. 

▪ Assistance Service @ £750 – For more detailed and thorough advice and assistance with applications for entry clearance, leave to remain in the UK and British Citizenship- Click here for more details and how to pay. Please note fees will increase to £900 from April 2023.

▪ Representation Service @ £1400 – Full legal advice, assistance and representation for all applications for UK entry clearance, leave to remain and British Citizenship-Please note fees will increase to £1500 from April 2023 Click here for more details and how to pay