Our advice service is for people who would like an assessment of their immigration matter and the merits of their particular case. We will explore the different options available and advise on the most appropriate route depending on the client’s circumstances. We will

  • Take instructions
  • Consider documents
  • Advise on options, eligibility and the prospects of success
  • Provide written advice following meeting
  • Provide advice and initial representation regarding current status and subsequent rights in the U.K. and any information needed regarding extending or varying your status in the U.K.
  • We are happy to have a face to face meeting at our offices in Birmingham or to arrange a consultation by phone or Skype.

You can make a secure online payment for our Advice Service by clicking on one of the payment options below to pay through PayPal either with your PayPal Account or alternatively with your debit or credit card.

Initial Advice and assessment of matter including 1 hour consultation if requested

For an initial assessment of your case *including a one hour personal meeting, telephone or video conference to discuss your U.K. immigration or nationality matter if desired*.