“Very thorough and professional”:

Even before instructing AKIC, Alex was extremely helpful with her guidance and knowledge, but it was very obvious that we needed assistance with the mountain of documents and forms which were required. We chose the Full Service which meant Alex also filled out the online application, booked biometric appointments and guided us through the whole process… it was extremely daunting having to get so much evidence to submit with the application, but thanks to Alex’s patience and much needed persistence, my wife’s application sailed through the immigration processing office in record time. We had heard stories of people waiting for many months to get answers, so we couldn’t have been more pleased when the biometric permit came through 3 days after attending the biometrics appointment I strongly recommend using AKIC and would advise everyone to just stay focused, and not get too frustrated about all the requested information and documents as they all make that little bit of difference… and a lot of littles make a lot of difference. Thank you Alex.

Feng Chunyan and Dean, Spouse Leave to Remain application, September 2021