Alex was helpful for me during my application for my ILR visa. When I first met with her, she was able to reassure me that my timeline was accurate and that I was able to apply for ILR. It was nice to have her share her knowledge with me, which relieved me immensely. Alex ensured the documents were uploaded and prepared a very informative cover letter that clearly stated that I met all of the ILR requirements, that gave my application a polished look.

I also appreciated that although Alex was on holiday during part of the time she and I worked together, she kept me updated on the status and forwarded all emails in a timely manner. She also sent me my decision email that she had received within a matter of minutes of receiving it, thus, not leaving me wondering if I had received the Home Office response.

Alex was easy to talk to during out meetings and always made me feel at ease. I appreciate her help and was thrilled to receive my confirmation of YES for my ILR visa application!

Thank you, Alex for your support and kindness.

Samantha Turner, Indefinite leave to remain application, October 2021